Aim of the conference

The conference is thought to be a part of a wider interdisciplinary project focused on examining researching practices of the humanities and social sciences. A growing interest in narrative aspects of research (seen in the fields of, among others, anthropology of culture, pedagogy, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and communication) is a good point of reference for the developed studies on auto/biography.

Therefore one of the main aims of the conference is to set up a platform (or a thought-collective in Ludwik Fleck’s terms) served as a means of thought exchange for those who are interested in biographic aspects of doing science (for further references see: „Scientific Biographies: A Transdisciplinary Perspective,” (Biografie naukowe. Perspektywa transdyscyplinarna). ed. M. Kafar. Lodz 2011: the University of Lodz Press).

An integral part of the conference will be workshops on autoethnographic and narrative inquiry (conducted by professors Carolyn Ellis and Arthur P. Bochner, University of South Florida), on analysis of biographic data (conducted by professor Danuta Urbaniak-Zając, University of Lodz), and on narrative interview (conducted by Ewa Kos M.A., University of Lodz).

The results of the conference will be published both virtually (as an electronic book) and as a paper edition monograph.

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