Research horizon

Research horizon of the conference:

  1. Dimensions of researcher’s personal experience: Turing points (in “private” and “professional” life); auto/biographical transitions and epiphanies; auto/biographical narratives and stories; personal ethos; personal experience and morality; liminal spaces in researcher’s experience (between the “professional” and “non-professional” life).
  2. Auto/biography and fieldwork: Circumstances of choosing research topic (existential versus institutional background of doing research); researcher/researched relationships; researcher as subject; textual dimension of fieldwork (genres, tropes, writing-stories, writing-particularities – e.g. the third person writing strategy, writing under a pseudonym etc.); auto/biographical horizon within fieldwork texts (fieldwork diaries, fieldwork letters, fieldnotes, headnotes, report-confessions, testiomonies etc.).
  3. Methodologico-theoretical perspective in researching auto/biographies: ways of “writing” and “reading” auto/biographies; the role of individuals in creating new fields of discourse/knowledge (auto/biographies of famous scientists, liminal thinkers and tricksters, geniuses and charlatans); oral auto/biographies (auto/biographical interview in theory and practice).
  4. Practical dimension of auto/biographical research: autobiographical story as a way of social communication; life and auto/biographical weave; storytelling as therapy; educational/didactic aspects of stories (learning from auto/biographies, auto/biography in action animation).

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